I am so excited to be giving you these free resources to help you on your coding journey! These are going to help you get started and propel you into the next step in your career!

What you will get if you sign-up for the New Year New Career Mastery Course:

Resume Template and How To

Learn how to write the perfect Resume that will get you that dream job at a remote company or get you the freelance jobs you are dreaming of. ($29 Value)

Perfect Portfolio Guide

The Perfect Guide to get you started with a Portfolio. You will start from 0 projects to having a Portfolio that will wow your potential clients and get you the jobs you love!

The Basics of Freelancing

Learn how to handle your mindset to get up and running, find your niche, identify your service, and price your offerings right! Don’t worry about the ins and outs of starting because we have your quick start guide here!