How to Be a Boss Mom

I remember when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby… I was no where near ready to become a mommy and I had plans and hopes and dreams that I was supposed to accomplish before I “considered having children”. At first I was upset and then she was born That changed my world! Boy was I not ready for the flood of emotions and love that would pop out of me when my daughter was born! The nurse placed her on my chest and I KNEW at that moment that I had to do whatever it took to stay home with this sweet little baby so that I could nurture her, protect her, and watch her grow.
Of course I was still in college, my husband was working in ministry and we were dirt. poor. Like I am pretty sure the soil was richer than we were. I went back to my degree and just who I am and thought, “well I will start a business!” I just had to figure out something to sell right? Kind of… I decided to take my years of AP art and put them to use in Photography and started a small business called Vantage Point Photograohy where I took pictures primarily of newborns and families, but like any good starving artist I took on ANYONE who would pay. After realizing that Photography was not making us much money and needing to be home more to finish school I got accredited to teach Sign Language and started holding classes everywhere I could. I wanted to help everyone and really wanted this to work online so I started researching and Pinteresting everything and anything about blogging and I became internet born!
With a baby on my lap I started writing everything I knew about, looked into affiliate marketing, ads, traffic, analytics, and my brain was literally spinning with the bazillion things out there and all of the “advice” that was different from the last thing I read and NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK FOR ME! I was so frustrated I just kept teaching in person, that was until baby 2 came into the picture and baby girl was moving and grooving. I realized fast I HAD to make working from home work no matter what it took. After failing again and again making money on my own, I went to Google to find any job that was hiring remotely and I applied and applied and applied. After about a month of doing this out of despiration I received an Email from ConvertKit wanting to hire me on. Baffled why they wanted someone with my experience, I took the job and would not change that decision for the world! Besides being a fabulous company they also are fabulous teachers and cheerleaders. Fast forward to today, 3 kids, a business that works, and a bright future. I started Coding and Contractions after all of my fails and the absolute desire to stay at home with my kids no matter what the cost and I want that for you mama. I want you to not have to stress about money because you have it covered and you can still be there for the school play, the field trips, and the sick days with no worries.

Now the question is, “How do I start a business?”

Great question! Go on me in this journey and let’s come up with your brilliant business idea, get you set up for success, and started down the right path to success!