Review: “If You Wake with the Stars” By Brooke Bent

Before I had kids, I imagined bedtime as a magical time where the kids went to bed, because of course I would train them well, and mom and dad got to stay up over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to talk about their day…..

If you are a parent, you are already laughing at me because it is rarely, if ever, the case for kids to sleep through the night. My Mother-in-Law even shared an article with me about how parents don’t get back to normal sleep until a child is six!

With three kids, I needed to find a solution because convincing a 2 year old (that is so stinkin’ cute!) that they cannot crawl in bed with you every night was not working as planned.

So my thought was, maybe we are doing something wrong here and in the process hurting our kids sleep too. 

That’s when I stumbled across this sweet little book by Brooke Bent called “If You Wake with the Stars“.

Brooke takes your little reader on a journey explaining that when it is dark outside, it really is time for little ones to be in bed. 

What I loved most about the book is that there are suggestions for how your child can get themselves back to sleep, and gives the power back to them to be in charge of themselves, which is so powerful. 

From singing songs, thinking of the things they love, or imagining an adventure, the reader is given the tools needed to help them nod back off to sleep all. by. themselves.

If you have a little that you are transitioning to their own bed or one who comes in at night frequently, this book is going to be a lifesaver. You may just find that it becomes a timeless classic you read together every night as a gentle reminder that each of us can get back to sleep on our own.

There are even coloring pages that you can download from her website to use in conjunction with the book!

You can grab your book by clicking the button below:

Get my copy of “What to do if You Wake with the Stars”

You can also learn more about Brooke Bent here.

If you have read the book, what is your biggest sleeping through the night win?

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