Are you ready to grow your email list this year and start attracting highly qualified leads?

If you have not started an email list, are struggling to get people on your list, or want to scale this year. This Masterclass is for you! In 30 minutes we will go over how to start your list—->Find the RIGHT people to sign-up for your list and—->How to keep them engaged after they sign-up.

    What Will I learn?

    Starting on the journey of creating a business is an adventure worth taking! There are a lot of ins and outs to think of which is why I created the FREE Start My Email List Masterclass to help you:

    💌start your email list

    💌find leads

    💌understand the ins and outs of email marketing

    💌create strategy to capture and engage your Ideal Audience

    💌create a funnels that will convert your Subscribers


    When is the Masterclass?

    When: March 17, 2019 (Yes, St. Patty’s Day, so wear green!)

    Time: 2pm MST

    Where: in your jammies!

      “ For anyone out there who is on the fence... Do it."

      It's been an amazing journey working with you. What started as an emailing marketing conversation turned into much more. You are amazing talented at what you do. Not only that, but you go above and beyond helping me figure things when I switch directions. Lol I'm looking forward to our next round of working together. For anyone out there who is on the fence about looking for someone to work with for email marketing and coaching, don't second guess the investment. Do it, Kabrina is extremely dedicated to her clients and phenomenal to work with. XoXo, Samantha

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will there be a replay?
      Yes! As long as you register, you will be sent a replay after the webinar is complete.

      What do I get with the webinar?
      You will get lots of useful information about starting your email list, growing what you have, and finding the most qualified leads. On top of that I am providing an actionable workbook for you to download to help you get where you want to go this year!

      Does it cost anything?
      Nope! This is a free Masterclass to help you get on the right track to succeed in 2019!

      What if I want more one on one help?
      You can absolutely get more one on one customized help with me! Schedule a call and let’s see if we are a good fit for your needs